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How to copy a Text Style?

Long press or double tap on any Style or tap anywhere next screen to copy text

How to enable Stylish Text Bubble?

Tap on Switch or Warning icon and allow permissions for:
(1.)  Permit drawing over other applications. (Android 6.0 and above)
(2.) Turn on Accessibility for Stylish Text.

How to turn text into starred Text Style?

Type your text and tap on Stylish Text Bubble to turn text into your starred Style.

Which applications support Stylish Text Bubble?

WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LINE, Allo, WeChat, hike Messenger and every other application which supports text editing

How to remove Stylish Text Bubble?

Drag and drop Stylish Text Bubble onto round close button to remove it.

How to use Stylish Text in text Context Menu?

Long press or double tap in any text box and then select text and tap on 3 vertical
dots and select Stylish Text option. (Android 6.0 and above)